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Title A Study on the Priority of High-Speed Railway Customer Service Quality Factors Using AHP
Authors 김희재(Kim, Hee Jae) ; 김시곤(Kim, Si Gon)
Page pp.257-262
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 고속철도; 고객 서비스품질; 위계적 모형; 우선순위; AHP High-speed railway; Customer service quality; Hierarchical model; Priority; AHP
Abstract Today, high-speed rail is gradually increasing in importance as an eco-friendly means of transportation responsible for the movement of people between regions. In the past, problems of inefficiency continued due to monopolistic operation of the railway industry, and with the introduction of a public enterprise competition system, KTX and SRT operating organizations are making efforts to expand service quantity and improve quality. However, the high-speed rail service quality evaluation was limited to modifying and supplementing indicators from the operator's perspective suitable for past quality evaluations, and the evaluation target or method was not specific. Therefore, in this study, we developed a hierarchical model to measure high-speed rail customer service quality based on the model of Brady and Cronin(2001) and applied the analytical hierarchical decision-making method(AHP) to derive the priorities of Korea's high-speed rail competitiveness factors. Based on the results, it is believed that introducing reasonable and standardized service quality indicators will contribute to establishing a marketing strategy to improve the customer service competitiveness of high-speed rail operators.