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Title A Development of Monitoring System for Evaluating Factors of Road Serviceability: Road Surface Temperature and Dynamic Loads
Authors 조은세상(Jo, Eun Se Sang) ; 장준봉(Jang, Junbong)
Page pp.237-244
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 도로포장관리시스템; 도로공용성; 노면 온도; 동적 하중 Pavement management system; Road serviceability; Road surface temperature; Dynamic loads
Abstract Pavement management systems (PMS) provide procedures to quantify road serviceability based on pavement conditions such as cracks and plastic deformation and suggest proper maintenance methods. The deterioration of the road pavement is relevant to the time although the quantifications on road serviceability in PMS present road surface conditions at the evaluation. More systematic evaluation on road serviceability may need time-dependent factors of road environments and that can improve PMS. Rainfall, temperature and vehicle loads can be environmental factors for road serviceability evaluation. As no data are avablie that can link between road conditions and environmental road factors, we conducted experiments to suggest economical devices and methods to obtain relevant data. We used temperature sensors and accelerometers with Arduino to measure road surface temperature and dynamic loads and provide data to improve pavement serviceability evaluation.