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Title Monte Carlo Simulation-Based Cost Estimation for Floating Trash Barrier Maintenance
Authors 김석환(Kim, Seokhwan) ; 김태건(Kim, Taegeon) ; 김홍조(Kim, Hongjo)
Page pp.231-235
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 해양쓰레기; 쓰레기 수거; 몬테카를로 시뮬레이션; 유지관리 Marine debris; Trash collection; Monte Carlo Simulation(MCS); Maintenance
Abstract Marine debris entering through rivers negatively impacts the environment and poses a direct threat to human health. While barriers to prevent the outflow of floating debris are being installed, attention to their maintenance, especially the scheduling of garbage collection, is insufficient. Currently, maintenance relies on a sequential collection method based on the experience and know-how of field workers, with little systematic research to support it. In response, this study proposes a new feedback-based collection method based on YOLOv7, Monte Carlo simulation for trash collection analysis. The proposed method conducts collection based on the amount of trash detected by remote sensors such as CCTV, and the expected costs are statistically and economically compared using Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS). The results showed that the new collection strategy offers a cost advantage of about 63 % over the existing strategy.