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Title A Case Study on Construction Management Based on BIM Data
Authors 이동준(Lee, Dong-Jun) ; 현진오(Hyun, Jin-Oh) ; 민성규(Min, Sung Gyu) ; 임지용(Lim, Ji-Yong) ; 신민철(Shin, Min Cheol) ; 권석현(Kwon, Suk Hyun)
Page pp.223-229
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 시공관리; 시공단계 BIM; 스마트건설; 간섭 검토; 클라우드 모델 Construction management; Construction phase BIM; Smart construction; Interference examination; Cloud BIM model
Abstract The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport presented the “Construction Industry BIM Enforcement Guidelines Constructors Edition” to reflect the design BIM data in the construction stage. The enforcement guidelines were prepared with the aim of providing guidelines for detailed common implementation plans such as minimum BIM business methods and procedures necessary for ordering, designing, and construction stages for the full-scale BIM application in all fields of the construction industry. In this study, interference and design errors were examined based on the enforcement guidelines, and the application effects were grasped for various sites where equipment placement and operation plans were established. As a result, intuitive examination was possible by comparing the digital field 3D model and the planned model in one space, and the optimum equipment arrangement and operation plan were derived through simulation examination according to the execution stage.