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Title Analysis of Settlement Characteristics of Block Pavement in Port Through Field Tests
Authors 하용수(Ha, Yong-Soo) ; 김윤태(Kim, Yun-Tae) ; 오명학(Oh, Myounghak)
Page pp.203-214
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 콘크리트 블록 포장; FWD 시험; 처짐; LiDAR 계측; 침하 Block pavement; FWD test; Deflection; LiDAR; Settlement
Abstract Ports often suffer pavement damage due to soft ground and heavy equipment operations, leading to issues such as differential settlement and cracks. In this study, we developed port concrete blocks and applied them to a port in two configurations to figure out settlement characteristics. Falling weight deflectometer (FWD) tests on asphalt pavement and block pavements were conducted to figure out deflection and bearing capacity. The block pavement with the cement treated base showed improved bearing capacity with the port operation since lower settlements were detected than asphalt pavement. In the cement treated base, the relative deflection ratio to asphalt concrete pavement was less than 1, indicating enhanced bearing capacity. LiDAR measurements identified multiple settlements in the crushed-stone base due to surface loads after construction. Both relative deflection ratio and LiDAR measurements suggested that block pavement can be widely applied to various port sites with its applicability and bearing capacity of cement-treated base.