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Title Analysis of Pile Behavior according to Bearing Condition for Vertical Extension Remodeling
Authors 노유진(Noh, Yujin) ; 박종전(Park, Jongjeon) ; 오경석(Oh, Kyuoung Seok) ; 장서용(Jang, Seo-Yong) ; 고준영(Ko, Junyoung)
Page pp.191-201
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 수직증축 리모델링; 말뚝지지 전면기초; 군말뚝 기초; 보강말뚝; 선재하 하중; 하중분담률 Vertical extension remodeling; Piled raft foundation; Group pile; Reinforcing pile; Preloading method; Load distribution ratio
Abstract In this study, three-dimensional finite element analysis was used to analyze the behavior of existing and reinforcing piles according to the pile support conditions for vertical extension remodeling. Cap support conditions (group pile, piled raft foundation) and pile tip conditions (rock, soil embedment) were considered as factors influencing existing and reinforcing piles behavior. For the quantitative analysis of existing and reinforcing piles, the displacement, load distribution ratio, and axial force by depth according to the analysis stage were analyzed. As a result of the analysis, it was confirmed that the largest settlement occurred in the reinforcing pile due to the pre-loading method. In particular, a large amount of settlement occurred in group piles regardless of the embedment conditions. In the piled raft foundation, it was confirmed that the displacement and load distribution ratio of existing piles and reinforcing piles were reduced due to the influence of the raft. The axial force by depth showed a difference between group pile and piled raft foundation, which appears to be a major factor affecting displacement and load distribution ratio. Based on the numerical analysis results, it was confirmed that cap support conditions and pile tip embedment conditions should be considered in the design of pile foundations for vertical extension remodeling.