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Title Fire-Protective Coating for Polymer Construction Materials using Two-dimensional Nanomaterials
Authors 김한임(Kim, Hanim)
Page pp.183-190
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 액정; 2차원소재; 나노복합소재; 난연제; 가스 차폐 코팅 Liquid crystals; 2D-nanomaterials; Nanocomposites; Flame retardant; Gas barrier
Abstract An environmentally-friendly nanocoating method that effectively adds flame retardant(FR) and gas shielding properties to combustible polymeric construction materials such as flexible polyurethane (PU) foam was studied. Naturally-driven two-dimensional(2D) nanomaterials such as graphene oxide (GO) can exhibit liquid crystalline (LC) properties in aqueous solutions, enabling uniform coatings on the various substrates including 3D-porous foams. LC phase-assisted coating serves as 3D-scaffold, facilitating the introduction of small molecules having antioxidant capabilities such as dopamine which is to form uniformly stacked FR coating. Additionally, the structural characteristics of the 2D-materials can effectively hinder the migration of toxic gases and flammable substances in the gas phase generated during combustion. This LC phase flame retardant coating technology could be a new approach to provide environmentally friendly and effective flame retardant and gas barrier properties to various types of polymeric materials.