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Title Development of Temporal Downscaling under Climate Change using Vine Copula
Authors 유재웅(Yu, Jae-Ung) ; 권윤정(Kwon, Yoon Jeong) ; 박민우(Park, Minwoo) ; 권현한(Kwon, Hyun-Han)
Page pp.161-172
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 설계강우량; 다변량 분석; 기후변화; Vine Copula Design rainfall; Multivariate analysis; Climate change; Vine copula
Abstract A Copula approach has the advantage of providing structural dependencies for representing multivariate distributions for the hydrometeorological variable marginal distribution involved, however, copulas are inflexible for extending in high dimensions, and satisfy certain assumptions to make the dependency. In addition, since the process of estimating design rainfall under the future climate associated with durations given a return period is mainly analyzed by 24-hour annual maximum rainfalls, the dependency structure contains information only on the daily and sub-daily extreme precipitation. Methods based on bivariate copula do not provide information for other duration's dependencies, which causes the intensity to be reversed. The vine copula has been proposed to process the multivariate analysis as vines consisting of trees with nodes and edges connecting pair-copula construction. In this study, we aimed to downscale under climate change to produce sub-daily extreme precipitation data considering different durations based on vine copula.