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Title Development of Flood Damage Estimation Method for Urban Areas Based on Building Type-specific Flood Vulnerability Curves
Authors 장동민(Jang, Dongmin) ; 박성원(Park, Sung Won)
Page pp.149-160
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 침수피해; 건물 특성; 인벤토리; 침수취약곡선; 침수피해액; KISTI 침수솔루션 Flood damages; Building characteristics; Inventory; Flood vulnerability curve; Flood damage cost; KISTI flood prediction solution
Abstract Severe casualties and property damage are occurring due to urban floods caused by extreme rainfall. However, there is a lack of research on preparedness, appropriate estimation of flood damages, assessment of losses, and compensation. Particularly, the flood damage estimation methods used in the USA and Japan show significant differences from the domestic situation, highlighting the need for methods tailored to the Korean context. This study addresses these issues by developing an optimized flood damage estimation technique based on the building characteristics. Utilizing the flood prediction solution developed by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), we have established an optimal flood damage estimation technology. We introduced a methodology for flood damage estimation by incorporating vulnerability curves based on the inventory of structures and apply this technique to real-life cases. The results show that our approach yields more realistic outcomes compared to the flood damage estimation methods employed in the USA and Japan. This research can be practically applied to procedures for flood damage in urban basement residences, and it is expected to contribute to establishing appropriate response procedures in cases of public grievances.