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Title Prediction of Mechanical Response of 3D Printed Concrete according to Pore Distribution using Micro CT Images
Authors 유찬호(Yoo, Chan Ho) ; 김지수(Kim, Ji-Su)
Page pp.141-147
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 공극; 3D프린팅 콘크리트; 마이크로 CT; 인장파괴; 공극분포특성 Pore; 3D printed concrete; Micro CT; Tensile fracture; Pore distribution characteristic
Abstract In this study, micro CT images were used to confirm the tensile fracture strength according to the pore distribution characteristics of 3D printed concrete. Unlike general specimens, concrete structures printed by 3D printing techniques have the direction of pores (voids) depending on the stacking direction and the presence of filaments contact surfaces. Accordingly, the pore distribution of 3D printed concrete specimens was analyzed through quantitative and qualitative methods, and the tensile strength by direction was analyzed through a finite element technique. It was confirmed that the pores inside the 3D printed specimen had directionality, resulting in their anisotropic behavior. This study aims to analyze the characteristics of 3D concrete printing specimen and correlate them with simulation-based mechanical properties to improve performance of 3D printed material and structure.