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Title Properties Evaluation of Polyketone for Use as Earthquake-Resistant Structural Compression Material
Authors 이헌우(Lee, Heon-Woo) ; 노진원(Noh, Jin-Won) ; 김영찬(Kim, Young-Chan) ; 허종완(Hu, Jong-Wan)
Page pp.133-139
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 폴리케톤; 폴리우레탄; 압축소재; 회복력; 자가치유 소재 Polyketon; Polyurethane; Compressed material; Recentering force; Self-healing material
Abstract The purpose of this study is to propose a new material called polyketone to overcome the limitations of polyurethane, which is currently used as a compression member in the field of earthquake-resistant structures. Although existing polyurethane has excellent elastic properties, it tends to be insufficient to recover the displacement that occurs in the structure. On the other hand, polyketone has excellent strength performance and is attracting attention as an eco-friendly material. In order to evaluate the compression properties of polyketone, which has these advantages, we would like to conduct a comparative experiment with polyurethane that was previously used. The speed dependence of polyketone was identified through simple compression experiments and experimental speed changes under repeated loading conditions, and additional compression behavior was applied to confirm compression behavior characteristics. Polyketone showed compressive strength about 10 times higher than that of polyurethane, and its excellent recovery characteristics were demonstrated by its deformation recovery ability about 14 times higher at relatively small displacements.