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Title A Study on Information Collection and Idea Creation Using Drones
Authors 조화니(Jo, Hwani) ; 유재원(Yoo, Jaewon) ; 최현(Choi, Hyun)
Page pp.117-124
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 가치공학; 준비단계; 정보수집; 현장방문; 드론; 3차원 공간모델링 Value engineering(VE); Pre-study; Information collection; Site visit; Drone; 3-D spatial model
Abstract The objective of Value Engineering (VE) is to derive the optimal value at the most efficient life cycle cost, comprising three stages: Pre-Study, Study, and Post-Study. In this study, we propose a method for information collection and analysis during planned site visit surveys in the preparation stage of VE. The 3D spatial model, created using a drone, facilitated observation and analysis of the study area from various angles, both from the center and the outside. Additionally, through the utilization of drones, we conducted on-site investigations of the research area's 3D spatial model, enabling a macroscopic perspective previously only feasible through a microscopic viewpoint during planned site visits in the pre-study phase. Furthermore, the utilization of actual spatial data obtained from observations allowed for real-time information verification during Design VE workshops, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the VE project.