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Title A Study on the Establishment and Application of Evaluation Criteria for Old Railway Station Considering the Level of Railway Service
Authors 김경호(Kim, Kyung Ho) ; 김시곤(Kim, Si Gon)
Page pp.101-108
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 서비스 수준(LOS); 역사 혼잡도; 역사 이동 편의성; 역사 안전성; 분석적 계층화 기법 Level of Service(LOS); Station congestion; Station mobility convenience; Station safety; Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP)
Abstract The total number of railroad stations managed in Korea is 322 (including general and wide-area railways), and a considerable number of stations are aging. In terms of the size of the existing railway station and the number of entrances, it has not been possible to secure adequate service capacity, and the demand for station improvement is increasing due to changes in surrounding conditions such as urban development. In the past, railroad stations were focused on the simple function of a connection passage in terms of maintenance or management, but in recent years, railroad stations are also changing to an atmosphere that they should be reborn as a user-centered comfortable, convenient, and safe service provision space. In this study, a case study related to the improvement of the old railway station was conducted to derive an improvement plan that meets the improvement standard of the old station, and the service level evaluation standard was developed. By introducing the concept of service level (LOS) in the development model, station congestion, station movement convenience, and station safety were selected as evaluation indicators. In addition, this development model applied an analytical stratification technique to divide various evaluation elements of each indicator into major and detailed elements and derive the relative importance of the elements by class. Priority for improvement was derived using the ratio of the number of E and F on the LOS for each facility. Based on this study, it is expected to be helpful in using it as an evaluation criterion for improving objective and equitable railway station.