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Title Automation of Sampling for Public Survey Performance Assessment
Authors 최현(Choi, Hyun) ; 진철(Jin, Cheol) ; 이정일(Lee, Jung Il) ; 김기홍(Kim, Gi Hong)
Page pp.95-100
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 공공측량 성과심사; 무작위 추출; 표본추출 알고리즘; Python; 자동화 프로그램 Public survey performance review; Random extraction; Sampling algorithm; Python; Automation program
Abstract The public survey performance review conducted by the Spatial Information Quality Management Institute is conducted at the screening rate in accordance with the regulations, and the examiner directly judges the overall trend of the submitted performance based on the extracted sample. However, the evaluation of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the evaluation trustee shall be specified by random extraction (Random Collection) is specified by the sample. In this study, it analyzed the details of the actual site and analyzed through securing actual performance review data. In addition, we analyzed considerations according to various field conditions and studied ways to apply the public survey performance review sampling algorithm. Therefore, detailed sampling criteria analysis by performance reviewers is necessary. A relative comparison was made feasible by comparing the data for which the real performance evaluation was performed with the outcomes of the Python automation program. This automation program is expected to be employed as a foundation program for the automated application of public survey performance evaluation sampling in the future.