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Title Integrated Sensing Module for Environmental Information Acquisition on Construction Site
Authors 문성현(Moon, Seonghyeon) ; 이기택(Lee, Gitaek) ; 황재현(Hwang, Jaehyun) ; 지석호(Chi, Seokho) ; 원대연(Won, Daeyoun)
Page pp.85-93
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 건설현장; 환경정보; 센싱모듈; 센서 통합 Construction site; Environmental information; Sensing module; Sensor integration
Abstract The monitoring of environmental information (e.g. noise, dust, vibration, temperature, humidity) is crucial to the safe and sustainable operation of a construction site. However, commercial sensors exhibit certain drawbacks when applied on-site. First, the installation cost is prohibitively high. Second, these sensors have been engineered without considering the rugged and harsh conditions of a construction site, resulting in error-prone sensing. Third, construction sites are compelled to allocate additional resources in terms of manpower, expenses, and physical spaces to accommodate individual sensors. This research developed an integrated sensing module to measure the environmental information in construction site. The sensing module slashes the installation cost to 3.3%, is robust enough to harsh and outdoor sites, and consolidates multiple sensors into a single unit. The sensing module also supports GPS, LTE, and real-time sensing. The evaluation showed remarkable results including 97.5% accuracy and 99.9% precision in noise measurement, an 89.7% accuracy in dust measurement, and a 93.5% reliability in data transmission. This research empowers the collection of substantial volumes and high-quality environmental data from construction sites, providing invaluable support to decision-making process. These encompass objective regulatory compliance checking, simulations of environmental data dispersion, and the development of environmental mitigation strategies.