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Title A Study on the Perception Gaps on the Causes and Improvement Measures of Bid Rigging in the Construction Industry due to the Abolition of Industry Regulations
Authors 조진호(Cho, Jin-ho) ; 신영수(Shin, Young-Su) ; 김병수(Kim, Byung-Soo)
Page pp.75-83
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 입찰담합; 업역규제; 입찰경쟁; 종합·전문건설업체; 인식차이 Bid-rigging; Abolition of industry regulations; Bidding competition; General and specialized construction companies; Perception gaps
Abstract This study examined the causes and remedies of bid-rigging in the construction industry through a survey of procurement practitioners. The study identified potential problems from the business, construction, and bidding environments, and proposed improvements to the procurement and bidding systems to address these problems. The study found that transparency, fairness, and diversity are important factors in reducing bid-rigging. These factors can be achieved through a variety of measures, such as expanding bidding systems, strengthening fairness standards, and increasing the diversity of participating companies. The study also found that unfair subcontracting regulations are a problem that needs to be addressed. There were differences in the perceptions of the causes of bid-rigging between the general and specialized construction groups. However, there was no difference in the perceptions of improvements to the procurement system between the two groups. This suggests that a consistent solution to bid-rigging can be found. The study's findings are expected to contribute to the resolution and prevention of bid-rigging in the construction industry.