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Title Evaluation of Peak Ground Acceleration Based on Seismic Design Standards in Sejong City Area Using Gyeongju-Pohang Type Design Seismic Waves
Authors 오현주(Oh, Hyun Ju) ; 이성현(Lee, Sung Hyun) ; 박형춘(Park, Hyung Choon)
Page pp.41-48
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 설계응답스펙트럼; 지반응답해석; 설계지진파; 지표면최대가속도 Design response spectrum; Ground response analysis; Design seismic wave; Peak ground acceleration
Abstract In 2017, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety conducted research for the revision of seismic design standards and performed studies on standard design response spectra. As a result, the Common Application Guidelines for Seismic Design Standards were introduced, and these guidelines have been implemented in the national design standards of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport for practical use. However, it should be noted that the research for proposing standard design response spectra during the 2017 revision was conducted before the occurrence of the significant seismic events in South Korea, such as the 2016 Gyeongju Earthquake and the 2017 Pohang Earthquake. To account for these recent major earthquakes, this study adjusted the standard design spectra based on the records of the 2016 Gyeongju Earthquake and the 2017 Pohang Earthquake and conducted ground response analyses accordingly. The results revealed variations in peak ground acceleration (PGA) at the ground surface even within the same ground classification. It was confirmed that this variation can lead to overestimation or underestimation of seismic loads.