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Title Investigation of Waste Shell Fine Aggregates on the Material Characteristics of Cement Mortars
Authors 오서은(Oh, Seo-Eun) ; 최승하(Choi, Seung-Ha) ; 김규원(Kim, Kyuwon) ; 한수호(Han, Soo-Ho) ; 정상엽(Chung, Sang-Yeop)
Page pp.33-39
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 모르타르; 미세구조; 해양 폐기물; 패각; 잔골재 대체재 Mortar; Microstructure; Marine waste; Seashell; Alternative fine aggregate
Abstract This study explores the utilization of common marine wastes, specifically seashells, such as oysters and cockles, as alternative fine aggregates in construction materials. The considered seashells were cleaned and pre-processed for use as a substitute for aggregate in mortar. Cement mortar specimens were prepared under different conditions, such as substitution ratios and the cleaning status of the seashells. The compressive strength of the mortars specimens was evaluated, and the solid and porous structures of each specimen were analyzed using microstructure analysis methods such as XRD, SEM, and micro-CT. The results confirmed that oyster and cockle seashells are composed of different calcium carbonate polymorphs, and their microstructural characteristics influence the mechanical properties of the cement mortar specimens.