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Title Development of Heterogeneous Damage Cause Estimation Technology for Bridge Decks using Random Forest
Authors 정현진(Jung, Hyun-Jin) ; 박기태(Park, Ki Tae) ; 김재환(Kim, Jae Hwan) ; 권태호(Kwon, Tae Ho) ; 이종한(Lee, Jong-Han)
Page pp.19-32
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 랜덤포레스트; 바닥판; 이종손상; 손상예측; 손상원인 Random forest; Bridge deck; Heterogeneous damage; Damage prediction; Damage cause
Abstract An investigation into the detailed safety diagnosis report indicates that domestic highway bridges mainly suffer from defects, deterioration, and damage due to physical forces. In particular, deterioration is an inevitable damage that occurs due to various environmental and external factors over time. In particular, bridge deck is very vulnerable to cracks, which occur along with various types of damages such as rebar corrosion and surface delamination. Thus, this study evaluates a correlation between heterogeneous damage and deterioration environment and then identifies the main causes of such heterogeneous damage. After all, a bridge heterogeneous damage prediction model was developed using random forests to determine the top five factors contributing to the occurrence of the heterogeneous damage. The results of the study would serve as a basic data for estimating bridge maintenance and budget.