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Title Characteristic Analysis of Superelastic Shape Memory Alloy Long-Lasting Damper with Pretension
Authors 이헌우(Lee, Heon-Woo) ; 김영찬(Kim, Young-Chan) ; 허종완(Hu, Jong-Wan)
Page pp.11-17
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 댐퍼; 초탄성 형상기억합금; 선행 인장; 장수명 Damper; SSMA; Pretension; Long-lasting
Abstract A seismic structure is an earthquake-resistant design that dissipates seismic energy by equipping the structure with a device called a damper. As research efforts to reduce earthquake damage continue to rise, technology for isolating vibrations in structures has evolved by altering the materials and shapes of dampers. However, due to the inherent nature of the damper, there are an unescapable restrictions on the extent of plastic deformation that occurs in the material to effectively dissipate energy. Therefore, in this study, we proposed a long-life damper that offers semi-permanently usage and enhances structural performance by applying additional tension which is achieved by utilizing super elastic shape memory alloy (SSMA), a material that self-recovers after deformation. To comprehensively understand the behavior of long-life dampers, finite element analysis was performed considering the design variables such as material, wire diameter, and presence of tension, and response behavior was derived to analyze characteristics such as load resistance, energy dissipation, and residual displacement to determine the performance of long-life dampers in seismic structure. Excellence has been proven from finite element analysis results.