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Title Research on Bridge Maintenance Methods Using BIM Model and Augmented Reality
Authors 최웅규(Choi, Woonggyu) ; 빠 빠 왼 아웅(Pa Pa Win Aung) ; 산육타 아라비카(Sanyukta Arvikar) ; 차기춘(Cha, Gichun) ; 박승희(Park, Seunghee)
Page pp.1-9
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 노후화 교량; 균열; 손상; 유지관리; BIM; 증강현실 Aging bridges; Cracks; Damage; Maintenance; BIM; Augmented reality
Abstract Bridges, which are construction structures, have increased from 584 to 38,405 since the 1970s. However, as the number of bridges increases, the number of bridges with a service life of more than 30 years increases to 21,737 (71%) by 2030, resulting in fatal accidents due to basic human resource maintenance of facilities. Accordingly, the importance of bridge safety inspection and maintenance measures is increasing, and the need for decision-making support for supervisors who manage multiple bridges is also required. Currently, the safety inspection and maintenance method of bridges is to write down damage, condition, location, and specifications on the exterior survey map by hand or to record them by taking pictures with a camera. However, errors in notation of damage or defects or mistakes by supervisors are possible, typos, etc. may reduce the reliability of the overall safety inspection and diagnosis. To improve this, this study visualizes damage data recorded in the BIM model in an AR environment and proposes a maintenance plan for bridges with a small number of people through maintenance decision-making support for supervisors.