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Title Measuring the Potential of the Korean Border Area for Green Detente Practice using Prosuming-index
Authors 안진희(Ahn, Jin-Hee) ; 고경택(Koh, Kyung-Taek) ; 김영석(Kim, YoungSeok)
Page pp.675-687
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 접경지역; DMZ 그린평화지대화; 그린데탕트; 지리적 시각화; 지역균형발전 Border area; Green Peace Zone DMZ; Green Detent; Geovisualization; Balanced regional growth
Abstract The border area between the South and North Korea is considered a stage for promoting Green Detent through the transformation of the Demilitarized Zone into the Green Peace Zone. This paper proposes ‘Prosuming-index’ composed of items to evaluate the multi-layered nature of industrial and infrastructure projects in the ecological and environmental fields planned in the border area. Based on the prosuming-index, we derived the following four types of potential for Green Detent practice in the border area―first, the Incheon and Ganghwa regions as ‘a logistics/human network and agricultural/fishery production area’, second, the northern Gyeonggi region as a ‘cooperative network area based on the smart technology industries’, third, the western Gangwon and the parts of nothern Gyeonggi region, as ‘a multiple prosumer’s area based on carbon neutral technologies’, lastly, the eastern Gangwon region, as ‘a transition area from idle or aged infrastructure to green infrastructure through the renewable energy industries’.