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Title Development of Intelligent Planning and Analysis Method for Railroad Alignment Improvement
Authors 김정현(Kim, Jeong Hyun) ; 이준(Lee, Jun) ; 오지택(Oh, Jitaek) ; 임준범(Lim, Joonbum)
Page pp.651-657
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 철도선형개량; 기존선 고속화; 기존선 증속; 지능형 철도선형계획; 철도설계 자동화 Railroad alignment improvement; Operating speed increase of railroad; Intelligent railroad alignment design; Automization of railroad design
Abstract Railroad alignment improvements and operating speed increase occupy considerable portion in recent railroad market. Developing countries have limitations to construction of new high speed railroads due to the burden of budgets and the lack of demands, and the projects of operating speed increase are practically recommended. This study developed the methodology to provide the railroad alignment design alternatives and the costs by upgrading the “Intelligent Railroad Alignment Design Program (ei-Rail)” which has been used to obtain the alignment plans and construction costs for railroad construction projects. The program provides the cost for alignment improvement, design drafts and the effects of operating speed increase with the input of target improvement speed and the prevailing railroad alignment on the numerical map. It is then expected for the ei-Rail program to be used for the supporting tool for the railroad alignment improvement projects.