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Title Identifying Travel Satisfaction in Mega Commuting Trip Using Rasch Modelling
Authors 온서준(On, Seojun) ; 김수지(Kim, Suji) ; 장기태(Jang, Kitae) ; 김정화(Kim, Junghwa)
Page pp.639-650
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 광역교통; Rasch 모형; 통행만족도; 교통계획; 이용자 빅데이터 Mega commuting; Rasch model; Travel satisfaction; User big-data
Abstract Economic development has resulted in the concentration of population and industry in the metropolitan area. Additionally, the Republic of Korea is experiencing this phenomenon, with more than half of the population living in the Seoul capital area. To alleviate this concentration of population, the Korean government implemented the new town development policy. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in the commuting population, causing an imbalance in transportation services due to financial and policy differences in each region. This paper analyzes the level of user satisfaction with mega commuting in three aspects: mobility, accessibility, and connectivity. To objectively assess the level of user satisfaction, which is qualitative data, the Rasch Model is used to analyze the collinearity of user data. The results indicate that the level of user satisfaction differs by region, and service satisfaction with mobility is lower than that with accessibility and connectivity. Therefore, prior to the introduction of new town policies, it is necessary to develop metropolitan transportation infrastructure.