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Title Analysis on Effect of Energy Mitigation by Arrangement of Cylindrical Countermeasures through 3D Debris Flow Numerical Analysis
Authors 김범준(Kim, Beom Jun) ; 윤찬영(Yune, Chan-Young)
Page pp.621-629
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 토석류; 수치해석; 원통형 대책구조물; 실규모 실험; 속도; 에너지 저감 Debris flow; Numerical analysis; Cylindrical baffles; Real-scale test; Velocity; Energy reduction
Abstract In this study, to investigate an energy reduction effect by field application of cylindrical baffle arrays, the 3D Debris flow numerical analysis was conducted with various baffle configurations for the simulation of a real-scale valley, where the cylindrical baffle arrays were installed. For this, the valley of the watershed was modeled using terrestrial LiDAR data from the real-scale experiment site. Numerical analysis simulated the flow behavior of debris flow and the structures using Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) technique of ABAQUS (Ver. 2021). The numerical analysis results that the case without cylindrical baffle arrays had a similar velocity change to that of the real-scale experiment. Also, the installation of baffles significantly reduced the frontal velocity of debris flow. Furthermore, increasing the baffle height increased the downstream energy reduction because of the higher flow impedance of taller baffles.