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Title Seasonal Variation of Airborne Chlorides in Coast by Sea Area and Region, South Korea
Authors 정자혜(Jung, Jahe) ; 이종석(Lee, Jong-Suk)
Page pp.611-619
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 비래염분량의 계절적 변동; 염해; 현지 측정 Seasonal variation of airborne chlorides; Salt attack; In-situ measurement
Abstract The first survey of the airborne chlorides along the nationwide coast of South Korea was conducted 18 years ago, and the area index of coastal airborne chlorides and salt attack environmental rating are being utilized in the design, construction, and maintenance of domestic structures. However, due to environmental changes such as climate change and coastal topography changes, changes of airborne chlorides along the coast are expected to occur regionally and by sea area. Therefore, the second survey has been conducted since 2021. In this paper, we analyzed the seasonal variations of airborne chlorides along the coast by region and sea area for one year of the second survey. Additionally, we compared the results with the survey results of Japan's coastal airborne chlorides, which is located close to South Korea and has a similar climate, to increase the objectivity of the analysis. The average airborne chlorides in the second survey was highest on the west coast, and the seasonal variation was also the largest on the west coast. Looking at the seasonal variations by sea area, the East Sea had high airborne chlorides in the summer and autumn, the West Sea in the autumn and winter, and the South Sea in the summer. In addition, compared to the first survey, all sea areas showed short periods of significantly higher coastal salinity and clearer seasonal variations.