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Title A Study on Water-level Rise Behavior Curve using Historical Record
Authors 곽재원(Kwak, Jaewon) ; 김길호(Kim, Gilho)
Page pp.601-610
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 하천수위특성; 수위상승거동곡선; 홍수시 수위상승 Water level characteristics; Water-level rising behavior curve; Water-level rising during flood
Abstract The comprehension of water-level behavior in rivers is essential for effective flood and river environmental management. The objective of this study is to propose a methodology that can be used by field engineers engaged in actual practice, to readily identify the characteristics of water-level behavior during flood events. To this end, a total of 45 historical water-level records from 2010 to 2022 year, which provide flood information for the flood vulnerable districts of the Han River, were obtained. A Water-level Rise Behavior Curve (WRBC) was developed and suggested to quantify the amount of water-level rise per unit time during flood. As a result, the water-level rises by more than 80% of the total rise within the first 6.2 hours, followed by a gradual rise. The time required to achieve a particular equilibrium varied depending on the area and runoff characteristics of the upstream. Furthermore, the study revealed that the WRBC provides a statistical representation of the water-level rise trend during floods, and can be effectively utilized for flood mitigation measures in waterfront spaces and irrigation facilities.