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Title Examination of Lateral Torsional Bucling Strength by Increasing the Warping Strength of I-Section Plate Girder with Concrete Filled Half Pipe Stiffener
Authors 천진욱(Cheon, Jinuk) ; 이승후(Lee, Senghoo) ; 백승철(Baek, Seungcheol) ; 김선희(Kim, Sunhee)
Page pp.577-585
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 횡비틀림 좌굴; 뒤틀림; 보강재; 플레이트 거더; 실물재하실험 Lateral torsional buckling; Warping; Stiffener; Plate girder; Experiment
Abstract Lateral torsional buckling causes safety accidents such as collapse accidents during erection. Therefore, an accurate safety design should be conducted. Lateral torsional buckling can be prevented by reinforcing the end or reducing the unbraced length. The method of reducing the unbraced length by installing a cross frame has high material and installation costs and low maintenance performance. In addition, structural safety may be deteriorated due to cracks. The end reinforcement method using Concrete Filled Half Pipe Stiffener is a method of reinforcing the end of a plate girder using a stiffener in the form of a semi-circular column. This method increases the warping strength of the girder and increases the lateral torsional buckling strength. In this study, the effect of increasing the warping strength of plate girders with concrete filled half pipe stiffeners was confirmed. To verify the effect, the results of the design equation and the finite element analysis were compared and verified through a experiment. As a result, the plate girder with CFHPS increased the warping strength and confirmed that the lateral torsional buckling strength was increased