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Title Evaluation of Performance of CFRP Sheet Reinforcement on RC Members Subjected to Axial Load and Flexural Moment
Authors 배찬영(Bae, Chan Young) ; 이지형(Lee, Ji Hyeong) ; 김상우(Kim, Sang Woo) ; 김진섭(Kim, Jin Sup)
Page pp.567-576
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 축력; 휨 모멘트; 탄소섬유 시트; 연성; 보강 Axial load; Bending moment; CFRP Sheet; Ductility; Reinforcement
Abstract In general, RC beam members are designed as flexural members, considering only the bending load. However, in actual buildings, axial and bending load are simultaneously applied due to the continuity between members. As a result, the bending strength of the RC beam member increases, but the displacement decreases, and cracks are mainly concentrated in the center of the beam. Therefore, in this study, the bending performance of both normal and strengthened RC beam using carbon fiber sheets subjected to combined axial and bending load was experimentally evaluated. The carbon fiber sheets were wrapped around the middle of the specimens, and axial and bending load were applied simultaneously to the beams. The magnitude of the axial force and the effects of carbon fiber sheet reinforcement on the deformed shape, bending strength, deflection, and ductility of the RC beams were analyzed. The results show that as the applied axial force increased, the maximum bending strength increased, but the ductility decreased 64%. The bending strength of the strengthened beams increased up to 27%, the maximum deflection decreased around 8% and the ductility increased by up to 43%.