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Title Development of Seismic Performance Estimation Service of Bridge through Seismic Risk Assessment
Authors 조한민(Cho, Han Min) ; 이진혁(Lee, Jin Hyuk) ; 박기태(Park, Ki Tae) ; 김건수(Kim, Kun Soo) ; 정규산(Jung, Kyu San) ; 김재환(Kim, Jae Hwan)
Page pp.535-542
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 교량; 내진성능; 지진취약도 곡선; 내진설계 기준; 플랫폼 Bridges; Seismic performance; Seismic fragility curve; Seismic design criteria; Platform
Abstract In order to understand the seismic performance of a bridge, it is common to review through seismic performance evaluation and numerical analysis of the target bridge. Seismic performance evaluation and review through numerical analysis are analysis methods for specific target bridges, and many problems can arise in each management body managing bridges nationwide. Therefore, in this study, research was conducted to estimate the seismic performance of public bridges with various types and characteristics. Seismic performance was estimated by applying the seismic risk assessment method, calculating the seismic fragility curve for the type and specifications of the bridge, and estimating the seismic performance of the bridge in use by applying the domestic seismic design standard. In addition, by installing it on the platform, service items were established so that users can easily review the estimation of seismic performance of domestic bridges.